Submitting this form does ensure I will see it, however, I absolutely cannot guarantee this means you will get a tattoo. However, I do deeply appreciate the support and interest, and perhaps, one day, I'll get around to everyone. With this open submission process, it helps me fill the inevitable holes in my Chicago schedule, but unfortunately, I cannot accomodate travelling clients at this time.

I am interested in: images, not abstract ideas - existing botanical or scientific illustrations - Hokusai, or Japanese folklore - small things on large scale - reptiles, scaly things, animal/natural history oddities, portraits of insects - heavy black - etching style or black and grey anything - dark imagery - juxtaposing the beautiful and grotesque

I am NOT interested in: custom full-color floral arrangements.

Nitty gritty: For single session pieces, I charge by the piece, not hourly (considering size and placement, $500 minimum) - all multiple session pieces are at my hourly rate ($250/hr). Depending on the complexity of the piece, it may require a non-refundable drawing fee. I require deposit to secure your spot in my calendar - which I will give you more information about when we make contact about a consultation.

Godspeed! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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I cannot accommodate traveling clients at the this time, unless you are very very flexible.
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